The fight…

When your angry, grunting and thrashing little cherub is slowly losing the fight with impending sleep… His eyes are closing in slow motion (then opening back up! Okay… Going down again)… Your arms are sore, your knees feel as they may break off from the rest of your body at any moment as the strain from this far outweighs any workout you used to do at the gym but you’re still rocking back and forth… You’re almost there. You can almost taste the physical relief…

Then you realize you have to go to the bathroom. Like, now.

His tell tale “quick breathing” has yet to begin, indicating any premature or sudden change in swooping rhythm may result in his beautiful eyes delicately fluttering back open to stare at you for the briefest of moments before you receive a swift head butt straight to the face (which he will undoubtedly have the nerve to cry about).

Do you dare risk it?

Parent problems.


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