Not too wine-y…

I won a basket with a big bottle of wine at National Night Out last night (one that i put together, as 2nd in command of the basket raffle, actually). I had a glass after the Babe went down, plus a half glass to kill a bottle of Reisling that had been open for a couple months. Wasn’t more than a teeny bit buzzed, but just enough to open can of worms with the husband. I feel like sometimes it’s easier to be unhappy and sober because I am more likely to keep it to myself. To be fair this is only the third time I’ve drank since BB’s been born, although it is the third time in 2 weeks. Yes, I understand communication is pivotal in any successful relationship. Do we do that? No. Am I horrible at this? Yes. Am I making up problems? Maybe. Do I feel it’s entirely my fault? No. Do I feel guilty? Absolutely. Could we both try harder? I think so.

Side note: I just pumped almost 15 ml. Maybe feelings make my milk come out. Weird.


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