I was reading an article the other night/morning called 11 Things I Want My Son to Know About Marriage and had several mixed feelings, the first obviously was, “Thank God I don’t have to worry about this for a long time.” (I’m going to come up with a machine to keep my little cherub this age forever, just watch.) But then i read it and it made me feel guilty.

I love Clint Edwards’ refreshing views on fatherhood/being a true partner in marriage. But the hard part about reading his articles is that damn, it makes me look at my marriage partner sometimes and think… Well, it doesn’t matter exactly. Let’s just say I read the list in this article and silently counted  which ones are going to be examples for my own son. Most, which is great. But the four my son would not be seeing  every day if we were to fast forward another couple years the way our marriage is now are kind of big: Take her out and bring her flowers; Tell her she’s beautiful every day; Get up in the night with your kids; Tell your wife that you love her several times a day.


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