I have no idea why I’m bothering with this! I move my phone just a little bit and it erases everything! Fuck you, WordPress app.

Condensed version: the baby is a little chunk. Mommy drank vodka for the first time in 9 months. So baby drank 90 ml of precious boob juice at bedtime (9:30pm), plus the 40 ml (7:15pm) & 65 ml (8:15pm) he had eaten while we were gone. That was after he had eaten for a ridiculously long time ending at 5:51pm when we were supposed to be to our fundraiser happy hour at 6pm. He had eaten less than 1.5 hours before that.

This was his first feeding from the girls, who were definitely leaking when I woke up, since I hadn’t pumped at “first dinner”. I still can’t get used to the leaking, but it doesn’t happen unless it’s really been awhile so I’m grateful.

Sidenote: I woke my husband RB up to change BB’s diaper before I fed him. It went well (except he had to be changed 20 min later). He offered, I said yes. He’ll be working on that list I put on here yesterday I guess, in his own ways. We’ll both try harder to be better for each other and our little Prince.


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