Case of the missing boob juice

Tonight RB & I celebrated our 1 year wedding anniversary (it’s technically tomorrow).  Nice restaurant in the area, phenomenal food; had a glass of wine so I was feeling groovy.  We were gone from 6:43pm to 8:35pm.  Took the Prince a little longer to go to sleep & he wasn’t eating like normal but didn’t think twice until I put our connoli in the fridge and then… Horror.  Sheer panic set in. 

A bag was missing.

BB’s godmother gave him another bottle. Dear God. There is one bag left in the fridge (3oz), plus if i can pump out another 20 ml tonight that’s one more. He ate like a half hour before we left, only on one side though so we had a bottle ready… Then he had another. Six precious ounces of boob juice lost and gone forever. That took probably almost three days to pump.


I seriously shed a tear.  The stash is dwindling, and instead of watching a movie outside with our friends (I can hear him laughing in the backyard)…  Here I am.  Pumping away (hopefully).

Happy anniversary, Darling.


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