Two month wonder

My little cherub turned two months old yesterday.  A trip to the doctor revealed what we already knew; he’s a big boy! BB gained almost 3 pounds in one month (although his head has not seemed to have hit the growth spurt the rest of his body has), due entirely to breastfeeding.

There have been plenty of times where I’ve been frustrated, both with my apparent inability to produce enough product to keep up with my little one’s demands and his constant craving for food, resulting sometimes in long days and painfully short nights. There were many times I doubted myself, and a couple times I can remember being close to tears and lamenting to RB about how I just didn’t think I could keep doing it.

Breastfeeding is still kind of a strange thing that we’re learning, however yesterday reaffirmed that no matter how I mess up or how often i question my own abilities as a new mom (like when BB accidentally got bopped in the forehead  with a cell phone this weekend, don’t ask), at least I’m doing this right.


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