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Sorry, but this just happened & I’m not sure how or why! I average anywhere between 5-20 ml per side after BB eats. I was able to pump 20 ml in 20 minutes (again, for me that’s awesome; as my Gyn put it, other women can feed half of Western New York) but then this happened:


I’m not sure if it’s residual from the baby getting bottles all day yesterday during his party or what, but I pumped at 2am with not even half the results:


While pumping I was:
– Talking (messaging) about fantasy football & our league’s upcoming draft
– looking at/commenting on this picture on Facebook


So far this morning I have not eaten, taken fenugreek or looked at pictures of the baby. If Mark Wahlberg is the secret to exceptional pumping results, life will be so, so sweet.


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