How to store breastmilk and reduce your carbon footprint

Interesting article!


Is there a better way to store breastmilk?

The answer is a resounding …Yes!

When I first began to store my breastmilk I had 6 storage bottles that came with my breast pump. I quickly realized that 6 bottles was not enough storage and cycling through the bottles was not working. This began my search for other methods.

The search

My first 6 bottles were not going to cut it. First, I thought I would just buy more bottles. Simple, right? NOPE! Those bottles are expensive and how many would I need? The next step was disposable breastmilk storage bags. I knew people used them and thought they would be a great way to build my storage. I bought NUK bags after reading many reviews from Amazon. They lived up to the reviews and are awesome bags but I had another issue. Tossing out the used bags felt like tossing…

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