It’s been a couple days since I last posted; since I had that really great pump it feels like I’ve barely gotten anything.  Literally. I’m lucky to be getting 10-20 ml total (both sides), or about 1/3-2/3 of an ounce, per sitting so I’ve been staring at pics/videos of the little cherub on my phone & trying to concentrate, but I’m still coming up short.  Even if he’s still feeding on one side barely anything is happening. It’s so frustrating since most of my stockpile was used up over the weekend at his party. 

 Have I slacked since BB’s party? Absolutely. So I’m trying to correct it by getting back into my routine, which includes:

  • drinking 12+ cups of the hippie organic GMO/caffeine free milkmaid tea Ive been buying from a lactation store. I make a container with 96 oz water, 3 spenda packets & 3 tea bags, throw in the fridge & try to drink as much as possible.  That’s easier now since it’s been so stinking hot (trying not to complain, I was trapped in the house for a week last “Snovember” because we got almost 7 feet of snow over a span of a couple days)
  • Fenugreek seed, 3 pills at 3 times a day
  • Lots of protein filled snacks, like chocolate protein shakes
  • Lots of oatmeal (cookies absolutely count)
  • Trying to get more sleep, if possible. Falling asleep with breast pumps still attached to the girls isn’t cool
  • Quitting smoking (again). To be fair I’ve only beensmoking one at night after BB is in bed, but I know I should stop again
  • More pumping. As in, after every single feeding.  This is the hardest one for me, after smoking, but once I started it got me the biggest results.  This was suggested to me by a girlfriend when I picked her brain about milk production/pumping on 7/25/15

Hoping some if this will work. Today was a bad night in that he wouldn’t eat very well so RB had to bust open a bag…  Then he only ate half!  So here I sit, trying to pump. Only two precious bags left in the fridge….


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