5am reading

While googling to see if it is normal for BB to not be set after sleeping for over seven hours (yes!! It’s wonderful) I stumbled across this article which proposes that babies may cry at night to prevent more siblings, in a sinister act of evolutionary cunning, instead.  While that theory could make sense, it also could imply that a baby is hungry or wet.  I don’t really know, but some of the comments are pretty funny.

Also, although still not consistently  producing enough to be comfortable however we (technically the Groom) figured out what may have been the problem: oatmeal cookies. Because eating oatmeal doesn’t do it for my body, I seem to produce more to pump when we have oatmeal cookies in the pantry. To me these are some of the worst, second only to shortbread cookies in terms of lameness, however for my little BB I’ll take one for the team.

This is our own little scientific theory, however I’m not sure the data supports it.  I made lactation cookies last week, I think either 8/26 or 8/27 and these are  numbers:


To be fair 8/28 is low because that was the night of our fantasy football draft, which ended at quarter to one. Sometimes I’m just too tired to pump, and that’s okay.


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