The last straw…

After a less than stellar last weekend I called the lactation consultant from the store I get my hippy tea at again. This time I was thankfully able to speak to her, and went in to see her with BB. I explained everything and brought in my breast pump for her to test, even his aspirator. The pump suction was a little off due to normal wear and tear. $60 and almost a week later I’m not sure if I’m seeing any results yet or if today we just had a good day.


I would think I’d be bursting boob juice all over the place, but that’s not happening either. Here are my stats for the week in breastfeeding, bottles given (both breast milk and formula) and pumping, respectively:


On Wednesday night I had a meeting, and BB got more bottles because of that (6 oz in 1.5 hours and he passed out). Friday he got cereal for the first time and took an almost 4 hour nap! So he didn’t eat as much from me.


You’d think I would have been able to pump more, but that didn’t happen.


We didn’t need any bottles today, hopefully tomorrow is a good day too!


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