Trial and Error

My milk supply is waning and again the deep seed of disappointment is beginning to sprout inside my heart. My little bug is going to be eight months old this week, and my goal is to try to nurse until he’s (at least) a year old.  Usually I’m able to nurse him on the weekends but yesterday it was never enough for him….  After trying to nurse, sometimes for only a couple minutes, he’d get so frustrated because he couldn’t get anything (and he was obviously still hungry) that I’d have to make him a bottle.

I had half a bottle of fenugreek capsules left but this week they made me gassy (a big issue when you work with the public!) and just not feel good.  I had been drinking a blessed thistle mix for over two weeks with no tangible difference noticed in my supply so when we ran to Walgreen’s yesterday I thought, Why spend the $15 if it’s not going to work?  

The only other alternative Walgreen’s has is this product from Motherlove, which is a mix of fenugreek, blessed thistle, nettle herb and fennel seeds, and is certified organic. It was $25 for 60 capsules, which is kind of steep considering I ordered some (even more expensive) supplements online but they won’t be delivered until next week.


I only have three bags of milk to give daycare for the week (he gets one bottle of breast milk a day), so desperation is kicking in.  Here goes nothing!


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