The Quiet Time

Two hours and eleven minutes.  That’s how long it took for BB to finally close his eyes and allow the sweet, relaxing tide of sleep to wash over him.  It took both RB and I alternating shifts, several twenty minute sessions of his lullaby bear, three nursing sessions with a bottle in the middle and my nipples being chomped on about five times really hard before it came to this.  If we didn’t know our neighbors I may have expected a knock on the door from CPS; his painful howling (a mix of I don’t want to nap why do you keep trying to make me? and Ow I’m teething again but don’t want to chew on anything other than your nipple) could easily be heard from the backyard the whole ten minutes I was back there measuring the length of fence that blew down a couple months ago that needs to be replaced. What a perfect symphony to enjoy on the second day we’ve actually been able to open the windows!

But now his little snores and the cars passing by outside, coupled with the sounds of lawnmowers being run somewhere in the neighborhood and a steady dripping from the hippo shaped humidifier sitting six inches to my immediate right, create a soft backdrop for this long deserved quiet time. I rub his soft head gently with my thumb.


According to my phone it’s seventy three degrees outside and bursting with sunshine, but you’d never know in his room.  Despite BB’s sitter arriving in less than an hour for the first date RB and I are going on in months (just got the confirmation text, woohoo!), and so the living room, dining room, kitchen and bathroom need to be picked up, laundry switched over so I’ll actually have ill fitting but clean clothes to wear, and my hair and makeup needing to be done, I will continue to rock with this beautiful little cherub dozing on my lap, because the minute I try to move him to bed he will wake up. 

It took two hours and eleven minutes for this to happen, he deserves to enjoy it a little more.



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