This Week, Today

RB and I finally fell into exhausted sleep around 1:30am fully engaged in what Dr. Google refers to as “18 month old sleep regression”.  I was up with BB the first two days of our long weekend so RB could try to catch up on sleep, and it was only fair we flip flopped, encouraged by the fact we were woken by critical and demanding shouts of DA DAAAAAA, DA DAAAAAA! over the baby monitor.   (That is often the response I receive when I open the door to my little cherub’s room to get him ready for daycare most mornings.  The response to any question is often a bold DA DAAA and an accusing look as if I’m hiding him somewhere.) 

 So RB got up first to take care of the Prince and here I sit, blowing the one opportunity I have this week to sleep in.  But here have been so many things happening so quickly, and I know there are many sweet, subtle moments already lost forever because I couldn’t find the time to just stop and take a minute…  So for my own records, here are a few that I’d like to turn into individual blog posts (someday) if possible: 

  • BB’s 18 month old sleep regression started around 1/10/17 and it’s getting desperate
  • BB asked Daddy the “why” for the first time on Saturday 1/14/17.  Dancing up the stairs I heard daddy’s first “Because I said so!”, my first obvious reaction being Fuck
  • I need help being able to tell if BB is teething or just being defiant, or a butt. 
  • The term “terrible twos” and how I can get people to shut the hell up about it… He’s a toddler, not an evil genius.
  • On second thought yes he is.  After a time out for hitting the cat with a wooden spoon on Saturday he responded by using biological warfare.  I’m really hoping he’ll turn out to be one of the good guys but I’m not sure sometimes. 
  • The first time RB and I used a phone to keep BB quiet in public happened about two weeks ago.  I am still deeply ashamed by it.  
  • We’re going on our first family vacation next weekend to Florida, and we have no clue what we’re going to do.
  • BB has developed a quick, unwavering love for Elmo, and it’s terrible (but could be worse)
  • This past week I had meetings or appointments most nights after work, and this week is going to be just as bad.  RB took BB to his parents’ house on Tuesday, where BB proceeded to turn, wave to my mother in law, and say “Bye Gramma”.  Of course that has not been able to be replicated in my presence but RB swears it happened. 
  • More “discussions” (not fights, discussions…) about the second shift happened this week.  More than I want a video camera to prove I do more shit around the house, just fucking do stuff already. Seriously. 

Mom life is hard.  


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