Broke, baby! 

As I shared recently, the Groom and I are a few grand short on our tax return this year, with thousands of pending home improvement expenses.  Everybody said, “Oh, you spend so much in daycare!  You’ll get most of it back!” Or, “You have a baby, you get like $4,000 for him right off the bat!  It’s sooo great!”

Okay: Correct, wrong, correct, wrong, WRONG. 

 Completely our fault for listening to our friends without doing any research about tax law and just assuming other people with kids knew what the fuck they’re talking about.  Also my fault for counting on money we didn’t actually physically have.  My bad, I get it.  

We paid almost $11,000 in daycare last year, and three guesses how much we got credit for?  I’ll give you a hint:  My jaw got bruised when it fell out of my mouth and hit the table.  We got $3,000 credit for BB and based on our income we got…..  20% of that!  A whole $600!  Woohoo! 

So because of a screw up with the Groom’s taxes from work, all together our return will be comparable to what we got last year….  Even with spending over $10,000 extra on a necessity like childcare. It’s not like we’re going gambling, to concerts or doing anything fun with it: This money keeps our son healthy, safely cared for, and learning so he can be a productive member of society someday.  Fuck me, right?  

We’re short on our home repair fund by about $3,000 now.  So, after doing some searching on Pinterest and reading a few articles, here’s some stuff I’m trying to get some cash quick:

  • Coinstar:  The last time I went through our change cups and piggy banks was over two years ago, while we were wedding planning. 

  • We had to go to Wegmans this morning to pick up a couple things, so I took all the change we had in the house and used the machine there while BB and RB were shopping.  Even though it was a little awkward at first overall the process went very smoothly.  I was okay with using Coinstar because if you choose to put your money on a gift card there is NO FEE, otherwise they want to take 10.9% of your money as a fee!  I got a Home Depot “giftcard”, which we’ll use towards the new bathroom sink we found there.  Perfect!  If only I could find buckets of change like this more frequently…  

  • Selling books that have been sitting in “the Hoard” (office) collecting dust for years
  • Selling records I no longer want
  • Turning in our bottles when we do go to grocery stores besides Aldi.  This one isn’t going to make or break the bank, but every little bit should help, right? 
    • Consigning baby clothes at a HUGE quarterly sale in the area.  I registered for an account, which cost $10, but after getting a few emails I’m more confused about this than expected.  I’ll be writing about this separately, since I have been really interested in the idea of opening my own consignment store for the last year but have been stuck on finding time/motivation to get the ball rolling (here it is?).  

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