Journey To the Center of the Hoard

I’m not proud of it.  It’s a really dirty secret, hidden behind a door that doesn’t really close too well.  It’s embarrassing, it’s straight up ugly and has been this way for years: it’s our Office, also known as “the Hoard”.  

Everybody’s got (at least) that one drawer, right?  Well this disgusting mess is where dreams come to die after they’re sucked in by a black hole and spit out into randomly placed piles of garbage, wasting away until one of the cats eventually knock it over and I step on it a couple of years later.  It’s bad.  

I’ve taken several pictures of the Hoard over the last few months but have been too embarrassed to post them.  That is not changing, however I will offer a glimpse into the madness that is known as…. The closet.  

Behold, the belly of the beast:

Inspired by a strong desire to organize my gift wrapping items, a potential idea I’ve been tossing around for a side gig/small business venture and a newly discovered minimalist zeal, I began this project on 2/20/17.  Even the cats didn’t know what to make of it:

Yeah, it’s a straight up mess.  

There are so many amazing ideas on Pinterest for closet/craft/wrapping paper organizing, but I thought it would be more practical and a little more adventurous (albeit not nearly as effective or aesthetically pleasing, I know) to use items I already have laying around the Hoard.  

I fought as hard as I could for the first hour and a half but ended up needing the assistance of a hunky assistant, aka RB, to make it work. 

After a brief hiatus, I began work on it again the following weekend on 2/24/17.  Then stuff fell on me and I got annoyed.  

Again, the cats didn’t quite understand what was going on except they could make a bigger mess than I was, as is evident by the following pictures:

Shortly after this was taken, Max the cat was really stuck in the bag and thought it would be a great idea to run around downstairs as fast as he could to try to detach it from around his neck.  Crumpled pieces of tissue paper were scattered and left abandoned throughout the house, just like my dreams of doing anything creative or productive with my life. 

Although I have moved onto other areas of the house to (try to) declutter and haven’t done any work in the Hoard since, I’m proud of the organization that was started and the amount of crap I was able to throw out. 



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