For the Record

In my last post I disclosed the White Elephant that I am completely embarassed about: my office area, also known as “the Hoard”.  As excited as I was to really get it cleaned up and finally useable as an actual office (it’s been 7 years, at this point why rush?), I got distracted last weekend and began another project (the sad thing is there are just so many to choose from!).  

Before you judge, please know that I’m not totally disgusting.  Overall my house is functioning and liveable, albeit a little cluttered.  And dusty in some places.  But during the week by the time 7pm rolls around and the baby is in bed, any energy I have left is put into cleaning up our dinner mess, putting clean dishes/laundry away from the day (or two) before and/or not passing out on the couch (that happens more than I’d like to admit).  

I’m hoping I’m not the only one who sits down with the intention of resting for just 5 minutes and ends up snoring by the next commercial break of whatever is on the TV at that moment.

Weekends are the only time I have at home for an extended time and BB has never been a great napper.  But that wasn’t the case last weekend, and that’s where our story begins!  

I was downstairs in the basement throwing in my first load of laundry when it hit me.  No, not the smell coming from the litter box (although the cats had royally fucked it up).  

About two thirds of our record collection was located in the basement, collecting dust in stacks out of order for at least the last few years; a water issue had us scared enough to just get them off the floor and we’d vowed to deal with it later.  In order for me to even get to them to sift through I’d have to make it past the obstacle course:

I suddenly found myself thrown into a new quest: I was going to clean the basement!

The basement,like the office, has been the dumping ground when we’re just too lazy to put things where they go (I know, I know).  Before I knew what happened it had been over a year since I really looked at what should have been a very nice, livable area.  This is where we snuggled during the everlasting winter I was pregnant with BB.  This is where we put the ridiculously huge cat condo so the four of us could hang out.  This is where I dreamt that one day BB will play, so all of his shit gets out of our living room.  However this is what I found: 

Oh dear God, not again!! 

It took me two laundry cycles but I got (some of) the crap put away on the unfinished side of the business.  Trying to use what I have already around the house worked to my advantage in this one instance to help spread the clutter around.  

Treasure hunt near an end, I was finally able to make some headway!  Thank goodness BB decided to have an extra long nap that afternoon. 

Over the next week I got our records sorted into piles (keep, donate and sell), with ones I’m going to keep alphabetized.  They have to be merged with the rest of the collection upstairs though, and I feel like I will need to go through a second purge when the collection is finally consolidated.  We’ve only got so much room and I’m trying to focus on quality (and what we’re actually going to listen to) versus quality.

As of 2/27/17 final count was 296 to keep, 146 to sell, 55 to donate, although the numbers have changed since then. 

As of 2/28/17 I was down to this space to fit about another 180 ish records into.  Wish me luck!  

For now I’m exhausted just writing about this.  Tomorrow’s another day, and I can’t wait to see what project I’ll throw myself into.  

Cheers! 🍸


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