Mommy’s Sunday Blues

The baby’s finally passed right out

I hear gentle snores, no screams or pouts

The hubby’s gone for his own chores,

Do I dare sit or work some more?

Third load of laundry being done

The first two for my only son

Three more upstairs in our room to do

Why is this place always a zoo?

Folding, vacuuming, how do I pick?

Everyone in this house is sick

For the third time in as many weeks

That couch will only lead to sleep

Kitchen’s started, some germs are killed

Crackers on the floor, the cat food spilled

My opportunity is fading fast

This quiet time, it will not last

Soon the baby will be up

My husband, through the door he’ll strut

With his wet shoes throughout the house

With bleach everything must still be doused 

Love is patient, gentle, kind

But I’m about to lose my mind

My nose is running, it will not stop

Dishes, sweeping, I still must mop

The bathroom, God, it’s such a mess

I start to panic, I’m in distress!

The dining room table cannot be seen

I feel like I’m about to scream!

I haven’t showered in two days

But it was more important to just play

With the baby, there’s not much time

Soon he’ll be grown, I won’t be fine

Time is fleeting, they all say, 

I must grab hold and seize the day

But time for me is important too

How can I when there’s so much to do?

Less than an hour, the baby’s up 

Today I just don’t have much luck

Back to work tomorrow we go

On weekends I don’t have much to show

They speed by faster than I can believe

Perhaps next weekend I’ll get reprieve 

Next thing I know I start to snooze

Welcome to Mommy’s Sunday blues


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