Con-Signing My Life Away, Part 1

Last month I had mentioned how RB and I were experiencing an increased inability to pay for a home improvement project.  Although we haven’t gotten any official estimates yet (contractor #2 will be coming to examine our home tonight, hooray!) the situation is looking increasingly bleak.  Part of what I love about old homes are their charm and uniqueness, offering a glimpse into the history of the neighborhood when it was built.  The shitty part about old homes, kind of like older people, is that sometimes stuff goes wrong with them for no reason, and when it does it can be devastating and life threatening.  In our situation, the previous owner decided to take some shortcuts to “improve” and “update” (ie. sell) our 100 year old home, and in doing so royally effed up the house.  Long story short, something has to be done to prevent our home from literally falling apart, but I had my heart set on building a teeny tiny half bath downstairs too to make potty training easier for BB. 

Regardless of the outcome — I’m trying something different!  There is a huge quarterly consignment sale that I registered for and am going to try to make a little money on.  Part of this stems from an interest I’ve had for well over a year now in opening up a children’s consignment store in my own neighborhood, however I’ve never actually… consigned… anything.  So this opportunity may be a total win win!

Back in February I registered to be a consigner, which cost $10 right off the bat.  Most of the clothes I am going to try to sell aren’t actually BB’s, which is ironic considering there is a literal wall of boxes of BB’s clothes stacked in the Hoard.  Instead, I have been purchasing higher end items in great shape, here and there, at a local thrift store on their $1 kids clothes day.  So I’m losing even more money on that — super smart, right?!

The first email I received from the consignment sale on 2/7/17 was so confusing I allowed it to be buried deep within my inbox.  It was lengthy and came with four different attachments, including detailed charts about what types of items would be accepted, cleanliness/smell ofsaid items, placement of tags on clothing (right hand side) and on what type of card stock it could be printed, what types of first born children would be accepted if any of the rules were violated, etc.

I get it, they’re running a (successful) business, but holy shit.  To somebody who’s never done anything like this before it was enough to make me want to just let them have the fucking $10 and try something else!  But no, I’ve told myself repeatedly that 2017 is going to be my year, dammit.  I’m going to actually stick with the things that i’m attempting.  

That being said, I printed out the email, all the attachments, and will be beginning to sort through my items since if I want to do this, they need to be dropped off by next week.  No pressure.  Wish me luck…

Have you ever consigned your children’s clothes before?  What was your experience like?  I’d love to hear your story, or get any advice about it!  


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