Con-Signing My Life Away, Part 3

Today was a fabulous day that went swimmingly with regard to my consignment experiment.  I discovered my earlier numbers were wrong and I will be able to use this experience to catapult a successful children’s consignment store, which will allow me to live a lavishly indulgent lifestyle and be able to quit my day job.

April Fools!

I know, a trick has to be based in reality to be believable.  Maybe next time!

After scheduling myself for a definite appointment tomorrow in order to drop off my items for the consignment sale I realized that now I have to actually follow through with this!  A major component of my character actually is procrastination and my ability to (mostly) work well under pressure and still get things done, so here’s a brief rundown of my night so far:

  • 7:49pm – began the process of setting up our new printer.  No pressure!  (Especially because the paperwork specifically suggests testing your printer a week before.)
  • 8:00pm – finally find the power cord to the laptop, which is dead and useless, after frantically searching for almost ten minutes.
  • 8:07pm – the computer’s fucking update is almost finished.  Hooray!

  • 8:12pm – I finally remember the password to log into said computer after about sixteen million tries
  • 8:27pm – RB comes home, club soda in hand.  I can drink vodka now, double hooray!
  • 9:08pm – after being very close to taking this lagging chunk of plastic, metal and whatever else and throwing it out the freaking window, all 15 of my tags have been printed successfully!
  • 9:14pm – begin tagging items, which includes having to wander around the basement for 5 minutes looking for safety pins I took off the tags of clothes I bought for BB the last time we went to this stupid sale.  Whose bright idea was this?  Eventually I ask RB for help and he is able to find some upstairs, due to my awesome mapping skils of the Hoard (“Check the bottom drawer of the plastic thing that’s to the left of the green couch.  Not your left, the actual left.  And for Christ’s sake be careful in there!”).
  • 10:17pm – finished tagging items, which included safety pinning the price tags I printed out very carefully onto the tags of the clothing, re-reading the instructions giving conflicting information several times over, stressing about positioning of said tags, and occasionally zip tying little pants and shorts to hangers to ensure they do not fall.

  • 10:39pm – finished separating and bagging items according to gender, size, color, time of birth.  Oh for fuck’s sake. 

      The adventure continues!  What’s been your experience consigning children’s clothes?


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