Entitled Millennials

The paycheck I work for today

Will pay my bills from yesterday

And what I will have in two weeks’ time

I’m spending right now, it’s such a crime

My monthly bills just keep piling up

It’s not like I’m buying trivial stuff!

Diapers and food and crap for the cats

On my days off I can’t even relax

The brown bags I pack and eat from all week

Make no difference at all, my future is bleak

The bills I acquire just so I can work

Car payments, parking – I feel like a jerk

Like I’m trapped in some dream, rotten to the core

Or stuck in a joke that’s not funny anymore

Daycare takes up a full third of my check

I miss him so much, sometimes I’m a wreck

Mortgage, utilities, my student loan debt

Our country, quite clearly, is a big fucking mess

They told us to study, they told us work hard

No college, no jobs, in any regard!

Well, years and years after we took all the classes

The debt now, collectively, is up to our asses

If you can find a job that pays living wage

You’re doing much better than many our age

Thank God for my Union, without it I’m screwed

Until someone get pissed about paying their dues

Life’s tough, I know, but so are you and I

An unlikely option, we can’t sit home and cry

To keep the debt collectors at bay

I sigh and work another day


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