The Standard

I pulled a white hair out today

And now it’s gone, it couldn’t stay

Looking close, what did I find?

Some observations​, they weren’t kind:

My moustache darkly growing in

A new hair sprouting from my chin

Wrinkles sag around my lips

When I pretend to make a kiss

Against the mirror I scrutinize

The baggage underneath my eyes

Yellow teeth and crooked smile

My bangs are surely out of style

My eyebrows wild, it isn’t couth

Behold!  But here’s a novel truth:  

That beauty can’t define us all

Unless we let it – it’s your call

Fuck the shows, the magazines

Society’s standards are ugly and mean

Cut your hair or let it grow

Do what you want – and let that show!

Our beauty comes from deep within

It’s time to change, it’s sink or swim

Beauty is what we make it to be

All parts of us, you all and me

Your children think you’re beautiful

Enlighten them, be dutiful

Impress on them to just be kind

Not to be passive or outshined

Just be the best that they can be

We’ll all feel better, judgment free 

(I wrote this after my first attempt at cutting my own bangs.  Shout out to this helpful tutorial, even though I felt bad about myself afterwards.)


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