Finding the ‘Why’

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The Gentle Parenting Institute

We often hear experts telling us to find, and focus, on the why…or the reason for a behavior.  But what exactly does that mean?  It seems like there’s COUNTLESS reasons for why our child is behaving in certain ways… how on earth are we to know what they are?  And how do we figure it out so quickly, so that we can still address it in the moment?

What if I were to tell you that all behavior falls into 4 categories of ‘why?’  Meaning, there are only 4 possible reasons for which someone is behaving a certain way.  Sounds crazy, right?  Let’s take a look:

The 4 functions of behavior are: Escape, Attention, Tangible, and Sensory.  Some may also add in Medical.  (Acronyms to remember these by include EATS, MEATS, TEAMS…etc.) **Please note that the following examples are simply that…examples…showing the different functions.  Ways to address and handle certain…

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