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Confessions of a Shitty Wife; T Minus 2 Days

Difficult as it is to admit, I forgot about our wedding anniversary last year. As much as that day was deeply etched into my heart, the fact that we had a baby almost 10 months to the day of getting married threw me off; I seriously thought I had an extra day. I’m sure he… Continue reading Confessions of a Shitty Wife; T Minus 2 Days

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For the Record

In my last post I disclosed the White Elephant that I am completely embarassed about: my office area, also known as “the Hoard”.  As excited as I was to really get it cleaned up and finally useable as an actual office (it’s been 7 years, at this point why rush?), I got distracted last weekend and began… Continue reading For the Record

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Journey To the Center of the Hoard

I’m not proud of it.  It’s a really dirty secret, hidden behind a door that doesn’t really close too well.  It’s embarrassing, it’s straight up ugly and has been this way for years: it’s our Office, also known as “the Hoard”.   Everybody’s got (at least) that one drawer, right?  Well this disgusting mess is… Continue reading Journey To the Center of the Hoard