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Confessions of a Shitty Wife; T Minus 2 Days

Difficult as it is to admit, I forgot about our wedding anniversary last year. As much as that day was deeply etched into my heart, the fact that we had a baby almost 10 months to the day of getting married threw me off; I seriously thought I had an extra day. I’m sure he… Continue reading Confessions of a Shitty Wife; T Minus 2 Days

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A Case of the Mondays

So it happened, my little sweetheart finally slept through the night again!  (Edit: According to my husband the baby actually did wake up around 1:30am, I just slept through it.)  I awoke this morning to the beautiful sound of his high pitched chattering through the baby monitor a few minutes before our alarms were about to… Continue reading A Case of the Mondays

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(Not) Too Little, (It’s) Too Late

The painful, howling cries of my little cherub snapped me out of a deep and desperately needed sleep around 5am this morning.  He is teething again still, with big, white front teeth beginning to shine through his swollen pink gums; the one on the right is starting to peek shove it’s way through, seemingly in competition with his bottom two… Continue reading (Not) Too Little, (It’s) Too Late

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Trial and Error

My milk supply is waning and again the deep seed of disappointment is beginning to sprout inside my heart. My little bug is going to be eight months old this week, and my goal is to try to nurse until he’s (at least) a year old.  Usually I’m able to nurse him on the weekends… Continue reading Trial and Error