Product Testing

Since my Breastfeeding journey began in June 2015 I have used several products in an attempt to boost my milk  supply to keep nursing, especially after I went back to work.  Unfortunately I’ve never been able to pump six ounces (or even three) in a single setting like some moms.  It’s hard not to get jealous sometimes!  My doctor had told me some women make enough milk to feed the County, others barely enough for their own child; every mom is different.

The important thing is not to judge others or get down about your situation because we’re all doing what’s best for our babies! 

That being said…


Lactation Plus, the Honest Company. 3/2/16 – present.

Honestly, the only reason I bought this was because it was available at Target and I was too desperate to wait the week or so for an Amazon delivery. It’s too early to see any real results, although at least one review said she saw results in a couple days. The packaging is really pretty and I like that it is GMO free. The downside is that it’s still $20 for a month’s supply but we’ll see how it works out.


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